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The kick-off meeting of the STEER “Supporting the Transition from Education to Employment of youth at Risk” project was held on the 26th and 27th of September in Athens (Greece). The project is funded by the DG Education and Culture – Erasmus+ Programme, KA2 Strategic Partnerships for Youth. The project involves six partners from six different countries: INNOVADE (coordinator, from Cyprus), Centre for Creative Development Danilo Dolci (Italy), Four Elements (Greece), Razvojni Center Srca Slovenije (Slovenia), Fundação da Juventude (Portugal), CATRO Bulgaria Eood (Bulgaria). The project aims at designing, developing, delivering and testing a comprehensive training programme for youth workers in transition planning. Trained youth workers will use this training to support the transition of NEETs and unemployed youth from education to employment. Next STEER project meeting will be held in Porto (Portugal) in March 2017 where the first results and intellectual outputs will be discussed. In Porto there will also be the first Info Day of the project on the 10th of March.

Among the activities of the project:

  • Needs Analysis and transfer of know-how and good practices in each partner country through on-line questionnaires
  • Delivering a series of “train the trainers” seminars through blended learning, in each participant country
  • Testing the effectiveness of the STEER training programme in pilot actions that will involve the trained youth workers providing transition support to NEETs and unemployed youth
  • 5 Info days in each country to disseminate the project outcomes

The first two outputs of STEER project are ready

STEER consortium already finalized the first two Intellectual Outputs (IOs) as foreseen in the project application. IO1 – “Needs Specification and transfer of know-how and good practices” resulted in the following three reports:

  1. The first report identified the needs of youth workers, NEETs and young unemployed that have to be addressed in the participating countries as well as in EU member states dealing with the issues of NEETs and youth unemployment successfully;
  2. The second report specified the training needs of the target group and defined the Youthpass certification framework.
  3. The third report specified the requirements of the STEER e-training platform and e-portal as well as the digital content.

IO2 – “Definition and design of the STEER training framework and curriculum” took into consideration the results of the previous output to turn the target groups’ specific needs into specific learning outcomes. Accordingly, IO2 identified 7 modules for the on-line platform: Introduction module: NEETs, Module 1: Being a NEETs’ mentor, Module 2: Managing counselling and transition planning process, Module 3: Developing soft and transferable skills in NEETs, Module 4: Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, Module 5: Digital knowledge for the labour market, Module 6: Social and Civic community for personal development.

IO2 also decided the appropriate methodologies and tools to be used by the on-line training programme for youth workers. This first results of the STEER project are available for download on the project website.

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