The STEER team is in a process of development of the training modules and the e-learning platform, but nevertheless of the hard work in front of the computers, the project team is also more than excited to organise events on which to share the results achieved so far and the interesting activities that will follow. For that purpose on 12th of May the local project coordinator in Bulgaria has organised an Infoday in cooperation with the youth organisation AIESEC.

AIESEC is an international student organisation that develop young leaders and work on the United National global goals for sustainable development.

The project team has found out that the STEER aims and AIESEC global goals match perfectly especially with global goals 4: Quality education, 8: Decent work and economic growth and 10: Reduced inequalities. For that reason in cooperation with the youth organisation we have gathered 45 young leaders who work on different project that also include NEETs support.

The Infoday was in a form of a lecture but with interactive game that aimed to identify what youngsters think that are the most important drives when a NEET searches for a job. The results were more than interesting as the obvious answers as money and higher positions were displaced by job security and the opportunity to develop your personal skills. The Infoday also opened discussions on topics such as: “How the youth worker role can be professionalised?”, “What are the main skills that a youth worker needs to possess in order to support NEETs?” and “How the STEER training programme will help youth workers in the process of counselling of NEETs?”.

The Infoday was more than successful as the participants from AIESEC has shared the project idea and aims with their colleagues from National Youth Forum and the Ministry of Labour and Social policy with which the local project team can’t wait to meet and establish a partnership.