On May the 26th 2017 the event presenting the European project called STEER "Supporting the Transition from Education to Employment of Youth at Risk" was held at Palermo Youth Centre. The aim of the project is to train youth workers who can help the NEETs (acronym for Not In Education Employment or Training), i.e. young unemployed to access the world of work. A project which therefore focuses on young people who can be trained on-line to help other young people. All with innovative non-formal educational methods and an on-line platform in several languages (English, Italian, Greek, Slovenian, Portuguese).

The Italian partner of the STEER project is the Centre for Creative Development "Danilo Dolci", which together with other European partners from Cyprus, Bulgaria, Portugal, Slovenia and Greece is implementing the project in Italy.

On Friday May 26th the digital platform, which will train the young workers with modules specifically designed to help them in the counseling and mentoring work with other young people who want to overcome obstacles to enter the workplace, was presented. The event was also an opportunity to present the research results that have been conducted at European level to investigate the youth unemployment phenomenon in all partner countries

More than 50 young people participated in the event and interacted with Dario Ferrante, who led the event and coordinates the STEER project for the Centre for Creative Development "Danilo Dolci".

At the end of the Info Day the Centre for Creative Development offered an aperitif to the participants.

For information on the STEER project you can contact Dario Ferrante, Centre for Creative Development "Danilo Dolci"

Tel. 3204133764

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