The final dissemination event (conference) of the STEER “Supporting the Transition from Education to Employment of youth at Risk” project was held on the 29th of November 2017 in Nicosia (Cyprus).

The project aimed at designing, developing, delivering and testing a comprehensive training programme for youth workers in transition planning. Trained youth workers used this training to support the transition of NEETs and unemployed youth from education to employment.

During the final conference, all partners presented the results of the project including intellectual outputs and the phases of the project implementation at local level. In particular, results from the piloting phase were presented with the workshops in all countries.

More than 180 youth workers have been involved in the piloting of STEER on-line platform, with great benefits for the young unemployed and NEETs.

The conference was full of interesting speeches such as “Entrepreneurial Skills for Youth Development” made by Mr. Demetris Hadjisofocli, INNOVADE dictor, “Understanding Youth and How to Address their Needs” by Ms. Ekaterini Prokopiou, youth worker and trainer.

Also, a panel discussion with all the STEER partners was held on the theme “Supporting the Transition from Education to Employment of Youth at Risk: Results and Outcomes from Partner Countries” during which STEER partners presented activities and results: Loizos Pitsillides (Cyprus), Vasileios Zotakis (Greece), Diana Nedkova (Bulgaria), Paula Cardoso (Portugal), Dario Ferrante (Italy), Anamarija Kamin (Slovenia) intervened at the conference.